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 “Our goal is to make wines that honestly represent the site.  This property produces wines that are pretty yet also somewhat wild in nature, and the intent is to let these distinctive characters shine through."

—  Rebecca George, Winemaker 


When all is said and done, good wine comes down to careful farming and high quality grapes. At Kelly Fleming, we are committed to nurturing and exposing the elegance of our site - to preserving that which makes our wines distinct from all others. Though small and planted almost entirely to Cabernet Sauvignon, our vineyard yields grapes with distinctly different characteristics, which leads to wines with complexity, nuance, and superior character. Each year presents a puzzle, as we harvest the lots separately, allow them to develop, and then thoughtfully piece them back together.

We have the confidence, also, to respect what each vintage gives us, to let the wines show their differences. There will always be a familiar thread that runs through our wines – with fifteen vintages under our belt we know that strand is always there. But our wines reflect both place and time, and our commitment to allowing the fullest possible expression of each and every vintage.