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After converting twelve acres of this wild canyon to Cabernet Sauvignon vines in 1999, the vast majority of the land remained as a blank slate. The estate held a great deal of opportunity, but today, much of the natural landscape we found was left to flourish untouched, while select pockets have been planted to olive trees, fig trees, organic gardens, and insectaries, which serve to keep our small ecosystem healthy and thriving.

These endeavors have allowed us to produce small quantities of olive oil, honey, and the occasional batch of fig jam, if we can gather enough figs before our resident black bear reaches them!

Three rescue donkeys also make their home among the ridges and meadows, both helping to clear out brush and scare off wandering coyotes. It has been thrilling to make use of the property in myriad ways, giving us even greater appreciation for what wonderful things the land can provide.