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"I decided that if I wanted to be serious about this I needed to have control from start to finish."
— Kelly Fleming



Making wine was not part of our plan in the beginning. But when we recognized the quality of grapes that grew here, we knew they deserved to be shaped into a wine of their own. It was the right way to honor the property.

We broke ground in 2005, digging 7000 square feet of caves 220 feet into the hillside. It was pure rock and took two years to complete. Looking at the exposed surface of the cave now, you can see what makes this site so special. The kaleidoscope of compressed soil types – white volcanic ash, red clay, black mineral – mirrors the complexity of the wine this land yields.

In 2010 we crushed our first grapes at the winery, a handsome, two-story * stone structure with a fermentation room tailored to the output of the vineyard, a professional kitchen, and intimate indoor and outdoor entertaining spaces. In its understatement and timelessness, one can see Kelly’s artistic background and tasteful touch: a working winery that appears to have been here for generations.