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Kelly Fleming Estate Olive Oil

Kelly Fleming Estate Olive Oil
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/ 375ml per bottle
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Our estate olives are harvested in the fall, yet they bring the promise of spring!  We had a fantastic crop of olives to press in November.  All newly-bottled, this aromatic medium-bodied extra-virgin oil carries a silky, pillowy open, followed by a taste of newly turned earth awakening from winter, with fresh, young grasses, hints of slate, flower blossoms, and a distinctive peppery finish.

The olive trees on our property, a mix of Spanish (Manzanillo), Greek (Kalamata), and Italian (Frantoio, Leccino) varieties, were raked and hand-picked to carefully preserve the rich, antioxidant-rich flesh that makes for our small-batch current release. This oil is perfect for light cooking, salads, finishing dishes with a drizzle, and for simply dipping a crusty wedge of hearty whole-grain bread in.