Our Vineyard

Part of the joy of owning a winery in the Napa Valley is the sheer joy of farming. Sometimes we forget that wine is at its essence merely a crop -- subject to the surprises of Mother Nature. Tending to this crop makes us even more aware of the great potential of a patch of ground. We may have started with grapes in mind, but that has led us down a path to olive groves and winter gardens and summer vegetable patches and bees and myriad of other gifts.

Kelly Fleming Winery extends across a 300-acre property which is tucked into a ravine called Simmons Canyon. Today 12 acres are planted in 4x6 and 5x8 spacing; the vineyard is entirely Cabernet Sauvignon with clones 4, 7, 8,191, 337 and 341 on 110-R, St. George, 140R and 101-14 rootstocks. The vines are vertical-shoot-positioned and cordon-pruned.

Kelly Fleming

Download a map of our vineyard.