History of Kelly Fleming Wines

Employing a diverse skill set acquired over many years of serving as a valued partner, a devoted mother and supportive community member, Kelly Fleming set out on a path to build something of quality for herself and her children -- something which, by design, would last.

KELLY FLEMING WINES was launched in 1998 with the purchase of a 300 acre parcel of land on Pickett Road in the Napa Valley sub-appellation of Calistoga. There was never any question of what to plant here. This is Cabernet Sauvignon country. The first vines, a total of eight acres, went into the ground in 1999. Six years later another four were developed, with no plans for additional plantings on this largely wild tract of land. The site, which was selected for its soils is nestled between two scenic canyons on a craggy slope at the northern end of the property the land had no history of vines, but neighbors include Araujo, Frediani, Hundred Acre, Kenefick, and Fisher.

The first vintage (2002) was released in the spring of 2005 and in June of 2010 KELLY FLEMING WINES celebrated the opening of an estate winery facility on Pickett Road, adjacent to the 12 acre vineyard. Kelly's exquisite taste and eye for detail can be seen in every aspect of the company she has built from the ground up, personally overseeing everything from site selection and facility design, to label development, farming decisions, and use permits.

Firmly committed to conscientious land stewardship, we practice sustainable farming, utilizing the best viticultural management practices. Only a small percentage of the land is committed to vines in order to preserve the pristine nature of this beautiful setting with its seasonal creeks, tree-covered hills and abundant wildlife.

Kelly Fleming Wines is more than just another label — it’s heritage in the making.

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